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Community Voices

Mark Estes

Aug 6, 2014 at 5:27pm

Mark Estes works at the Alameda County Law Library, nearly a 10 mile commute one-way from his home. He gets to work using a variety of transportation options, rarely using his car, and more often than not, riding his bicycle, motorcycle or public transit. Read more....

What Mark enjoys the most about biking to work is the friendships and comradery that occur along the way:  “When I bike to work I see pedestrians or other cyclists and we exchange smiles. This makes for the best travel experiences. I have seen little dogs on the front of electric scooters, parents walking with children to school, pushing a child in a stroller or pedestrians smiling back at me as I waved them across the crosswalk in front of me. I see a lot of people from so many diverse backgrounds that it always brightens my morning,” he says.  “And what I love about riding BART is hearing all the different languages and voices together.”

“I'm really excited about the new bike and walking path along the BART right-of-way near the Oakland Coliseum that is under construction (the East Bay Greenway project). Completing the project with design criteria that really encourages commuting, not simply recreational riding and pedestrian activities, should bring a lot more people onto bicycles for their commute around the Oakland area.”

The first ½ mile segment of the East Bay Greenway Project is currently under construction. Alameda CTC is in the process of applying for a federal TIGER grant to support planning efforts to complete the remaining 11.5 miles. Funding for construction is included in the 2014 Transportation Plan coming before voters in November. 

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