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Community Voices

Diane Shaw

Feb 4, 2014 at 1:11pm

  Diane Shaw has been a resident of Fremont for 28 years and an active member of Alameda CTC Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) since July 2012.         Read more....

Diane was drawn to the CAC when she realized that her use of transportation was reflective of the efforts of Alameda CTC to provide various transportation options throughout Alameda County. Over the past decade, she has seen herself transition from someone who only used a car, to an avid public transit user and bike rider.

Diane became a transit rider 6 years ago when she was commuting from Fremont to San Carlos.  At first she only drove, believing that public transportation was not reliable enough to get to her to work on time.  She says, “What I found is that taking public transit was reliable, I saved money and reduced my stress level.” 

Not only does Diane enjoy riding transit, she also enjoys taking advantage of the bike paths around Alameda County. One of her favorite excursions is to ride her bike from Fremont to the Union City BART station, then take BART to Walnut Creek, where she rides on the Iron Horse Trail all the way to Pleasanton. She can also be found riding on the Alameda Creek trail from Quarry Lakes over the Dumbarton Bridge.

Like many of us, Diane owns a car and yet often still chooses to ride public transportation or her bike.  She appreciates the varied transportation options supported by Alameda CTC. As a member of the CAC she has the opportunity to provide feedback to the Commission, and be a spokesperson for the many transportation choices throughout the county.    

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