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Community Voices

Midori Tabata

Feb 4, 2014 at 1:10pm


Midori Tabata is the Chair of Alameda CTC’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC), a position she has held since July of 2009. Read more....


The BPAC advises Alameda CTC and staff on the development and implementation of bicycle and pedestrian programs, including a countywide grant program. Midori has advised the Board on over $22 million in funding since she joined BPAC and has had the opportunity to ride on some of the completed projects funded by Measure B, including the Bay Trail extension in Berkeley and miles of bike lanes throughout the county. 

Midori is an avid biker and believes that more bike lanes bring greater driver awareness of cyclists on the roads and perhaps help them share the road a little better.  This is why she has consistently supported funding for Alameda CTC investments in local bike lane projects. “I've become a better driver since I became a cyclist,” she says.

One of her favorite rides is a loop from the southeast side of I-580 over to Redwood Road and back. It takes her on a roller coaster through Alameda County - she climbs through the hills of Oakland, enjoying the fantastic views, down through the canyons, into Castro Valley, around Lake Chabot, through San Leandro, and past the zoo. “It is really a beautiful ride no matter the season.”  Here’s a list of cycling resources, including help finding a bike route for work or play. 

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