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Community Voices

Shawn Fong

Feb 4, 2014 at 1:08pm

An Oakland resident since 1996, Shawn Fong has been an avid transit rider for over 25 years. She rides her bike to transit, and she spearheaded a senior Clipper card for Fremont residents. Read more....

Shawn Fong and her partner walk their Temescal neighborhood every weekend, their 2-year-old son racing ahead of them on his bike. Her favorite way to get to work is to ride her bicycle to MacArthur and take BART to Fremont. She says, “The commute is less than an hour, and it’s stress-free!”

For the past 11 years, Fong has managed the City of Fremont’s Paratransit Program and has been instrumental in developing a comprehensive network of transportation and mobility programs for seniors and people with disabilities in southern Alameda County. 

Developing one’s comfort level and self-confidence when riding transit is central in Fong's work with the Tri-City Travel Training Program. The program teaches seniors and people with disabilities how to ride AC Transit, Union City Transit and BART and has travel-trained over 750 community members since 2008. She notes that travel training became much easier after the introduction of the Clipper card, but many seniors were frustrated they couldn’t obtain a Clipper card locally.

In response to community feedback, Fong developed a partnership with BART to permit the City of Fremont to issue senior Clipper cards. She comments on the benefits of its partnership with BART, “The City of Fremont has distributed over 600 senior Clipper cards since mid-December. Now seniors who attend travel training workshops can get their Clipper cards on the spot and learn how to use their cards on the same day.”

Alameda County Transportation Commission's funding of paratransit countywide and of special grants in Fremont have allowed expansion of the Senior Travel Training program that Shawn Fong is so passionate about.

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