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Global Opportunities at the Port of Oakland (GoPort)

Expanding trade • Increasing freight efficiency • Creating jobs

GoPort! includes a number of discrete but synergistic improvements to truck and rail access at the Port of Oakland – one of the top 10 busiest container ports in the nation - that will enhance access to world markets for producers, alleviate congestion on two primary highway freight system (PHFS) intermodal connectors, improve rail safety and efficiency, and better manage truck arrivals with innovative technology. Core improvements include:

  • 7th Street Grade Separation to alleviate a major chokepoint for intercontinental rail and drayage trucks by eliminating truck-rail and truck-truck conflicts; and

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems technology to cost-effectively manage truck arrivals, improve incident response and connect to regional smart corridor systems. ITS technology will include backbone communications infrastructure and systems integration and lays the technological foundation to support future developments in truck automation and connected vehicle technologies.

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