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Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Technical Assistance

Alameda CTC provides bicycle/pedestrian technical assistance to local jurisdictions via publications, webinars, working groups, trainings and conferences.

Toolkits, White Papers, and Best Practice Research

Alameda CTC has developed various resources to assist local jurisdictions in different aspects of bicycle and pedestrian planning.

Contact Matthew Bomberg with any questions about these resources.

Pedestrian-Bicycle Working Group

The Pedestrian-Bicycle Working Group (Ped-Bike Working Group) consists of bicycle and pedestrian planning and engineering staff from local cities, agencies and non-profit organizations. The group provides a forum for information sharing and meets quarterly at Alameda CTC's offices. Topics at past PBWG meetings have included:

  • Street Design for Life Safety (Complete Streets and Emergency Response)
  • Improving Active Transportation Program Grant Applications
  • Sustainable Streets (Complete Streets and Stormwater Infrastructure)
  • Integrating Repaving Programs and Bikeway Implementation

Contact Matthew Bomberg to obtain materials from past PBWG meetings.

Training and Conferences

Alameda CTC occasionally holds workshops and conferences to inform local jurisdictions and other interested parties about developments in bicycle and pedestrian policy and practice. Past events include: