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Community-Based Transportation Plans

Between 2004 and 2009, Alameda CTC worked closely with communities in Alameda County to complete six Community-Based Transportation Plans. The plans identify transportation gaps, transportation solutions and potential fund sources to address the gaps in the following underserved communities.

Alameda County Unincorporated Communities

City of Alameda

City of Berkeley

City of Oakland

The plans were funded by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission as part of a regionwide effort to build on its findings from the Lifeline Transportation Study (2001) and the Environmental Justice Report (2001), which identify low-income areas throughout the Bay Area in which there were gaps in provision of transportation services and a need to provide support to local planning efforts.

Equity Analysis

The 2016 Countywide Transportation Plan update includes an equity analysis that builds on the Community Based Transportation Plan efforts. This equity analysis identifies in which communities transportation gaps remain and where targeted investments can provide additional community-based transportation solutions.