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To assist in prioritizing a list of the projects and programs that will be included in the CWTP and TEP, specific committees have been formed, including a 13-member Steering Committee of elected officials from the Alameda CTC Board representing all areas of the county, a Technical Advisory Working Group (TAWG) and a Community Advisory Working Group (CAWG). These key groups, which meet monthly, provide direction and feedback on the development of the CWTP and TEP and include representatives from:

  • Fifteen local jurisdictions (14 cities and Alameda County)
  • Seven transit operators (AC Transit, Altamont Commuter Express, BART, Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority, Union City Transit, Capital Corridor/Amtrak and the Water Emergency Transportation Authority)
  • Caltrans District 4
  • Port of Oakland
  • MTC
  • Other stakeholders from education, public health, business, civil rights, law enforcement, parks  districts, regional agencies, health, social services, the environment, faith-based advocacy, public transit, seniors and people with disabilities and social justice.

Rosters for each group and meeting date information are included below.

CWTP/TEP Steering Committee

The 13-member Steering Committee represents all areas of the County and is comprised of Alameda CTC members. The Steering Committee meets on the third Monday of each month.

Community Advisory Working Group (CAWG)

This 27-member working group is helping to develop both Plans to meet the multi-modal needs of Alameda County’s diverse communities and businesses with a focus on accessible, efficient, and sustainable transportation. The CAWG meets the first Thursday of the month. 

Technical Advisory Working Group (TAWG)

This 35-member working group provides evaluation and input on the cost estimating guides, scoring and screening criteria, and performance measures for projects and programs included in the Plans. TAWG members also review and provide feedback on technical studies and polling conducted to develop the Plans. The TAWG meets the first Tuesday of the month.