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Alameda CTC Reports E-newsletter

Alameda CTC produces an electronic newsletter that is also available in a hard-copy format on request.
If you would like to receive the electronic version, provide your email address to subscribe to the e-newsletter.










E-newsletter Publishing Schedule

To submit a newsletter article about projects or programs funded by Measure B/BB or the Vehicle Registration Fee, write a short article (200 words maximum) that is interesting to the general public. Articles must be received by the submission deadlines below.

Newsletter Submission Due Date
April March 1, 2018
June May 1, 2018
September August 1, 2018
November October 1, 2018
January December 1, 2018


Send articles AND any photos (high-resolution jpeg files attached separately) electronically to Carol Crossley at Please notify us one week prior to the submission date if you are planning to submit an article.

Please note based on article subject and available space, Alameda CTC may choose to publish your article in a later e-newsletter. The schedule is also subject to change.

Annual Mobility Workshop Newsletter

Each year, the Alameda CTC and the Paratransit Planning and Advisory Committee (PAPCO) host an annual mobility workshop for seniors and people with disabilities.

Read the 2014 Mobility Workshop Newsletter here.

Read the 2013 Mobility Workshop Newsletter here.

Read the 2011 mobility workship newsletter here.