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The Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) is committed to a Local Business Contract Equity (LBCE) Program and a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program for the participation of local and small businesses.


Under its LBCE Program, Alameda CTC certifies firms as Local Business Enterprise (LBE), Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) or Very Small Local Business Enterprise (VSLBE), depending on the firm's size. This program applies to contracts funded solely by Measure B funds or a combination of Measure B and local funds. Contracts that include state and federal funds must adhere to state and federal requirements.

Alameda CTC is an active member of the East Bay Interagency Alliance (EBIA). Members of EBIA include Alameda CTC, Alameda County, City of Oakland, and Port of Oakland. These agencies have developed and utilize the EBIA Common Application, as well as supplemental forms specific to each agency.

For more information about how your firm can become a certified local business, visit:


To participate as a DBE in federal-aid contracts, small, disadvantaged firms, including those owned by minorities and women, must apply for and receive certification as a DBE. For the state of California, DBE certification is performed by the certifying agencies of the California Unified Certification Program.

To learn more about DBE criteria and the DBE certification process, please visit the following websites:


If you have questions or would like additional information regarding doing business with Alameda CTC or the LBCE or DBE programs, please contact:

E.W. Cheng
Associate Administrative Analyst
1111 Broadway, Suite 800
Oakland CA 94607
(510) 208-7472