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Countywide Travel Demand Model

The Alameda Countywide Travel Demand Model is an essential tool for transportation planning in Alameda County. The model allows Alameda CTC and its partner agencies to anticipate and forecast the potential impacts of local land development decisions and changes to infrastructure on travel patterns in the county. The model is periodically updated to be consistent with the most recent land use and socio-economic database of the Association of Bay Area Governments and assumptions of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s regional travel demand model.

The most recent Alameda Countywide Travel Demand Model was completed in June 2018 and includes land use and transportation assumptions updated to be consistent with Plan Bay Area 2040. For more information on Plan Bay Area 2040, please go to

Key features of the model

Model Documentation

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Final Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZs)

Process to Request the Travel Model

To request use of the travel demand model, please contact Chris Marks at  

Previous Model Documentation

Complete Model Documentation for the Prior Model Updated in 2015