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Ride Into Life!

Ride into a healthier you! Consider hopping on your bicycle for trips to the store, to your friend’s house, to transit, work or school. Bicycling is low-cost (once you get the bike, of course!) and has zero emissions. More than that, it’s a healthy, fun way to start and end your day. When time is of essence, bicycling for transportation helps you achieve your daily dose of heart-healthy exercise while also getting you where you need to go. Exercise is proven to reduce stress by pumping up the endorphins in your brain, and by biking you avoid the common stress of finding the perfect parking spot.

Whether you’re a regular bicyclist or just starting to think about biking, here are some practical resources you can put to use:

Map your bike route, locate someone to ride with and find other resources for the region:

Bike Month: May 2012 - Get motivated to ride and be rewarded with fun and prizes! Find out what’s going on throughout the month, including the largest event, Bike to Work Day, on Thursday, May 13, 2012!

1000 New Cyclists is the East Bay Bicycle Coalition’s campaign to help 1000 people in the East Bay start riding their bikes for ordinary everyday transportation (e.g., commuting to work or school, running errands, seeing friends).

The East Bay Bicycle Coalition’s website also has local bicycling news and opportunities to get involved in improving bicycling in the area.

Planning for the future:

Ride into Life – check out the Alameda CTC and EBBC’s advertising campaign to promote bicycling in Alameda County.

Find out more about the Alameda CTC bicycle and pedestrian program here.