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Bike and Walk!

Alameda CTC encourages bicycling and walking in Alameda County. Funded by Measure B, Alameda County's half-cent transportation sales tax, administered by the Alameda CTC, annual biking and walking education supports active and healthy transportation choices.  



I Walk!

Start walking and take the Step into Life Challenge!
I Bike!
Find resources for bicycling for recreation and as a commute option in Alameda County.














Alameda CTC administers several other programs that encourage active modes of transportation, including:

Safe Routes to Schools
Getting to school can be fun, safe and active. Learn about programs that encourage safe bicycling and walking at schools in your neighborhood.
Guaranteed Ride Home Program
The program guarantees you a ride home from work in case of an emergency or unscheduled overtime on days you take an alternative mode of transportation to work. Ask your employer to enroll!