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In alphabetical order:

Acumen Building Enterprise, Inc. (Planning, Policy and Administrative Support Services)

Acumen Building Enterprise is an Oakland-based small, local, minority-owned firm that provides Alameda CTC with policy, legislation, communications and planning support, including project management, public relations, meeting support and administrative assistance. Subconsultant Publications Design provides graphic design, and Lohnes+Wright provides mapping services.

Contact information for the Acumen team:
Tamara Halbritter: 510.208.7475 |
Angie Ayers-Smith: 510.208.7450 |
Heather Barber: 510.208.7439 |
Carol Crossley: 510.208.7454 |
Dora Royster: 510.208.7458 | 

L. Luster & Associates (Contract Equity Services)

L. Luster & Associates (LLA) is an Oakland-based small, local, minority/woman-owned firm that provides Alameda CTC with expertise in contract equity, business outreach, certification, contract compliance and technical assistance for small businesses. 

Contact information for the Contract Equity Team:
Joan Quillio: 510.208.7466 |
Brooklyn Moore-Green: 510.208.7468 |