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Fact Sheets

Measure B Capital Project Fact Sheets

See the Capital Projects page for a list of the current Measure B, Measure BB and Prop 1B Capital Project Fact Sheets.

Measure B Grant Program Fact Sheets

Fact sheets of the active Measure B grant programs appear below.

Countywide Discretionary Fund Bicycle and Pedestrian Grant Program

  1. City of Alameda - Cross Alameda Trail
  2. City of Albany - Buchanan/Marin Bikeway Phase III
  3. City of Emeryville - Christie Avenue Bay Trail Gap Closure
  4. City of Newark - Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan
  5. City of Oakland - Fruitvale Alive Gap Closure Project
  6. City of Piedmont - Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan
  7. City of San Leandro - West Juana Pedestrian Improvement
  8. Cycles of Change - Bike-Go-Round Education/Safety Program

Express Bus Services Grant Program

  1. AC Transit - Expansion of Transit Center at San Leandro BART
  2. AC Transit - East Bay Rapid Transit Bike/Pedestrian Elements
  3. LAVTA - Route 10 & Rapid Route Operations
  4. LAVTA - Route 12v, 20x, and 70x Operatons

Paratransit Gap Grant Program

  1. Alameda CTC - Countywide Mobility Management Program
  2. Alzheimer's Services of the East Bay - Special Transportation Services with Individuals with Dementia
  3. Bay Area Outreach & Recreation Program  - Group Trip Transportation for Youth/Adults with Disabilities
  4. Center for Independent Living - Mobility Mattters Project
  5. City of Emeryville - 8 to Go Shuttle Program
  6. City of Fremont - Travel Training Program
  7. City of Fremont - Tri-City Mobility Management and Travel Training Program
  8. City of Fremont - Tri-City Taxi Voucher Program
  9. City of Fremont - Tri-City Volunteer Drivers Program
  10. City of Hayward - Central County Taxi Program
  11. City of Oakland - Taxi-Up and Go Program
  12. City of Pleasanton - Downtown Route Shuttle
  13. Senior Helpline Services - Rides for Seniors Program
  14. Senior Support Program of the Tri-Valley - Volunteer Assisted Transportation Program 

Vehicle Registration Fee Grant Program Fact Sheets

Fact sheets of the active Vehicle Registration Fee grant programs appear below.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Access and Safety Grant Program

  1. City of Emeryville - Christie Avenue Bay Trail Gap Closure
  2. East Bay Regional Park District - Bay Trail: Gilman to Buchanan Project

Transit for Congestion Relief Grant Program

  1. City of Alameda - Estuary Crossing Shuttle
  2. BART - Berkeley BART Plaza & Transit Area Improvements
  3. City of Oakland - Broadway Shuttle Operations
  4. City of Union City - UC BART Station Improvements & RR Pedestrian Xing Components

Other Program Fact Sheets

One Bay Area Grant Program

Performance Report Fact Sheets