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Mobility Workshop

Since 2004, the Alameda County Transportation Commission (and its predecessor ACTIA) has periodically sponsored informational workshops on transportation topics of interest to seniors and people with disabilities, and service providers. The resources shared below for each workshop have informed and educated Alameda County residents on critical issues in transportation for seniors and people with disabilities.

For more information on previous Mobility Workshops, see the program, newsletters and presentations:

2015 - Paratransit Strategic Planning Workshops

2014 - Beyond Paratransit: 21st Century Mobility

2013 - Building Healthy, Mobile, Independent Communities

2012 - Paratransit at a Crossroads: Looking into the Future of Paratransit in Alameda County

2011 - Moving into a New Era, Building on a Decade of Experience

2010 - Planning for Progress

2009 - Breaking Down Barriers: Transportation for Tomorrow

2008 - New Frontiers: Expanding Mobility Options

2007 - Routes to Healthy Living

2006 - Way to Go: Broadening Mobility Options for the Future

2005 - Maximizing Mobility in Alameda County

2004 - Vision for the Future: Looking at the next decade of Paratransit Service for Alameda County