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State Route 84 Expressway Widening Project Area Map

Project-Level PM2.5 Conformity Analysis

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) are widening and upgrading State Route (SR) 84 to expressway standards from Ruby Hill Drive to Jack London Boulevard in eastern Alameda County, California. The northern part of the project, between Jack London Boulevard and north of Concannon Boulevard, is under construction and will be completed in 2014. The southern part of the project, between north of Concannon Boulevard and south of Ruby Hill Drive, is in detailed design and will be constructed in 2015-2016.

The project is in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is in nonattainment for the Federal standard for particulate matter less than or equal to 2.5 microns in diameter (PM2.5). The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires certain projects in nonattainment areas to engage in interagency consultation and complete PM2.5 analyses as part of the project-level conformity determination process.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, interagency consultation is conducted through the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s (MTC’s) Air Quality Conformity Task Force. The consultation process begins when a project sponsor submits a Project Assessment Form for PM2.5 Interagency Consultation to the MTC. The Air Quality Conformity Task Force reviews each form and determines whether each project is of air quality concern, as defined in 40 CFR 93.123(b)(1). Projects of air quality concern require a PM2.5 hot-spot analysis.

Alameda CTC submitted a Project Assessment Form for PM2.5 Interagency Consultation to MTC in October 2013 and met with the Air Quality Conformity Task Force on October 24, 2013.  Click here to review the Project Assessment Form. On October 31, 2013, the Air Quality Conformity Task Force informed Alameda CTC that the project does not fit the description of a project of air quality concern regarding PM2.5 as defined in 40 CFR 93.123(b)(1). 

Comment is requested regarding the project-level PM2.5 conformity analysis presented in the Project Assessment Form. Project-level conformity analysis was previously performed and approved for other pollutants for which the project area is designated nonattainment or maintenance, and is not the subject of this request for comment.

WHERE YOU COME IN: Comments were due December 16, 2013:

Valerie Shearer, Sr. Environmental Planner, Caltrans Office of Environmental Analysis
P.O. Box 23660, MS-8B, Oakland, CA 94623-0660

FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REQUEST A PRINTED COPY OF THE PROJECT-LEVEL CONFORMITY ANALYSIS:  Individuals who would like to request a copy or who require portions of the report in alternative formats or translated are asked to contact the Caltrans District 4 Public Information Center at (510) 286-4444, or the Office of Environmental Analysis at (510) 622-0803.  TDD users may contact the California Relay Service TDD line at 711.


 Project Assessment Form