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Central County Measure B Grant News

AC Transit, BART, Hayward, San Leandro, Unicorporated Areas (Castro Valley, San Lorenzo)

Local transit agencies including paratransit providers, jurisdictions and Alameda County receive monthly Measure B and Vehicle Registration Fee pass-through payments to meet regional transportation priorities for several programs: Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety, Local Streets and Roads, Local Transportation Technology, Mass Transit, Paratransit and Transit for Congestion Relief. Below are fund recipients' recent reports on the delivery of these projects.

East Bay Bus Rapid Transit project construction begins in 2014


The East Bay Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project will provide BRT service along an approximately 9.5-mile line, connecting Downtown Oakland and San Leandro. This project will increase bus speeds and help keep vehicles on schedule in the corridor through improvements such as dedicated bus lanes and light-rail-like stations with passenger amenities.

To date, Measure B has provided $11.5 million in funding to support planning and design for the project, which has made good progress in the past year. It moved from planning into engineering design after receiving environmental approval by the Federal Transit Administration in June of 2012 and received subsequent project approvals by the Oakland and San Leandro City Councils.

The preliminary engineering phase of the project is nearing completion, and the project is transitioning into final design activities. The real estate acquisition process has begun for parking and traffic mitigations identified in the environmental document, and the acquisitions are scheduled to complete by the end of 2013. Advance construction for utility relocations is scheduled to start in late 2013, with the main project construction commencing in mid-2014. Construction is anticipated to be complete and full service to begin in spring of 2016.

Paratransit taxi service expands to Central County

The Central County Taxi Voucher program is an exciting new transportation option that provides subsidized taxi rides to participants of the San Leandro and Hayward paratransit programs. The Taxi Voucher program provides same-day service and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Registered riders can purchase a limited number of taxi vouchers each year for travel throughout Hayward, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley and unincorporated areas of San Leandro. Each taxi voucher costs $3.50, and the program subsidizes up to $14 of taxi meter fare within the designated service area.   

To schedule a taxi ride, participants must call (866) 377-1535 to make arrangements with our contracted provider, St. Mini Cab.

The Taxi Voucher Program is operated by the Alameda County Transportation Commission in cooperation with the cities of San Leandro and Hayward and is funded through Alameda County Measure B Paratransit Gap Grant Program funds.

San Leandro's FY13-14 sidewalk repair program


As part of the City of San Leandro’s ongoing improvements for pedestrian safety, this year’s sidewalk program is expected to repair or replace about 8,000 square feet of damaged concrete sidewalk, 1,200 linear feet of curb and gutter, and to install 30 curb ramps.

New Bancroft Avenue and 136th Avenue traffic signal


The intersection of Bancroft Avenue and 136th Avenue was a four-way, stop-controlled intersection on a route connecting the San Leandro High School Main Campus and the new 9th Grade Campus. During school hours, conflicts and excessive delays occurred due to the high number of pedestrians and vehicles converging at this location at the same time. The project constructed a new traffic signal system with bicycle detection and a scramble pedestrian signal phase to enhance safety.

The project also included signage and striping, installation of accessible curb ramps and connection of the signal system to the Traffic Operation Center at City Hall by extending the fiber-optic network from the intersection of Bancroft Avenue and Sybil Avenue. Construction started in June 2012 at the end of the school year and was completed in August, just before the new school year started.


BART-Downtown San Leandro pedestrian improvements

                In March 2013, construction began on pedestrian-orientated streetscape improvements along San Leandro Boulevard between Davis Street and Williams Street, including wider sidewalks, bulb outs and medians. The project includes construction of pedestrian-friendly accessibility improvements from the BART station to the downtown San Leandro area, traffic signal modifications, streetlights, landscape and irrigation systems, and way-finder signage between the BART station and various destinations in downtown. Construction is scheduled to be completed in fall 2013. Measure B funds were used to leverage $4.3 million in federal Transportation for Livable Communities funds to make the project possible.

Additional Measure B-funded projects in San Leandro

Annual Street Sealing
The City of San Leandro used Measure B funds to complete the 2011-12 and 2012-13 annual street sealing in 2013.  This project applied conventional and rubberized street sealing treatments to extend the life of various streets throughout San Leandro.  In all, more than 414,700 square yards of pavement were treated on 79 street segments.  The City will use Measure B funds to apply preventive maintenance measures on various streets throughout San Leandro for the 2013-14 annual street sealing. Approximately 108,000 square yards of pavement on 26 street segments are included in the project scope, and construction is planned for summer 2014.

Bridge Maintenance and Repair 2011
The City of San Leandro used Measure B funds to complete this project in 2013.  This project applied a deck seal to a Wicks Avenue bridge and repaired spalling concrete at a San Leandro Boulevard bridge, extending the life of both structures.

East 14th Street Utility Undergrounding (150th to Blossom Way)
The City of San Leandro is using Measure B funds to fund the street light portion of this project which will remove power poles, overhead wires and associated overhead structures along East 14th Street between Thornton Street and 150th Avenue.  All utilities will have underground feeds and be much more aesthetically pleasing along one of the City’s main thoroughfares. Construction is expected to start in the fall 2014.

Monarch Bay Bridge Maintenance and Repair
The City of San Leandro is using Measure B funds for this project which will repair spalling concrete and seal the deck of a Monarch Bay Drive bridge.  The project will extend the life of the structure which forms a portion of the San Francisco Bay Trail and is located south of Marina Park.  A construction contract has been awarded and construction is planned for September 2014.

San Leandro Boulevard Rehabilitation
The City of San Leandro will use Measure B funds to complete preventive street maintenance on San Leandro Boulevard from Williams to Hudson Streets in San Leandro. Repair will comprise replacing the top 4 inches of asphalt concrete with new paving to extend the service life of the existing street.  Construction is anticipated to begin in spring 2015.

Storm Drain Inventory and Replacement
The City of San Leandro is using Measure B funds for this project to develop a system to manage the 100 miles of storm water pipelines in the City.  Inventory, such as pipeline lengths, diameter, material and condition will be input into an Asset Management System and their locations will be mapped and linked in GIS.  The completed system will provide comprehensive management and of the storm system and will allow monitoring and prioritizing of individual sections needing repair or replacement.  This project is ongoing.

Storm Drain Outfall Repair
The City of San Leandro is using Measure B funds to repair Storm Drain Outfalls at 3 separate locations.  At the bay shoreline, a broken pipeline will be replaced in kind.  Two existing outfalls at San Leandro Creek have collapsed and their upstream flows will be diverted into nearby functioning outfalls.  This project is in design phase currently and construction dates will be set after permits are obtained.

West Juana Pedestrian Improvements
The City of San Leandro is using Measure B funds for this project which will design and construct sidewalk bulb outs at the intersections of West Juana Street and Carpentier Street, Clarke Street, and Hayes Street as well as stamped asphalt decorative crosswalks at all locations.  Additionally, the work includes widening the sidewalk on the north side of West Juana between San Leandro Boulevard and Carpentier Street four feet by moving the curb toward the center of the street.  This project will enhance the pedestrian environment on a street that links San Leandro’s Downtown with a BART station.  The City is in the process of selecting a consultant to perform the design work; construction is expected to be complete by the end of 2015.