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Express lane components include overhead toll tag readers (as shown) and overhead electronic signage that displays the current toll.
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I-580 Express Lanes Media Tool Kit

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Project Overview

The I-580 Express Lanes are designated lanes in the Tri-Valley corridor — through Dublin, Pleasanton and Livermore — that are toll-free for carpools, vanpools, motorcycles, buses and eligible clean-air vehicles as long as they carry a FasTrak® Flex toll tag set to 2 or 3+. Solo drivers can choose to pay a toll using a FasTrak, or a FasTrak Flex toll tag set to 1, to access the lanes for reliable travel times. There are two eastbound express lanes and one westbound express lane on I-580.

I-580 Express Lanes Information



I-580 Express Lanes Map    Map without legend Bay Area Express Lanes Logo Alameda CTC Logo
FasTrak Flex Toll Tag and Switch Settings FasTrak Flex Toll Tag FasTrak Flex Logo  
 Toll Readers
Westbound I-580 Express Lanes Express Lane Signage Components (toll tag reader and camera)  Toll Readers
West Bound I-580 Express Lanes East Bound I-580 Express Lanes Toll Gantry  
Westbound I-580 Express Lanes Eastbound I-580 Express Lanes Toll Gantry  


I-580 Westbound Express Lane with overhead signage.

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How to Use the I-580 Express Lanes - Now Open!

How to Use the
I-580 Express Lanes

I580 Express Lane MapClick the map to see it at a larger size

The westbound express lane begins at Greenville. There is open access to and from the lanes (providing easy access to/from local exits) from Greenville to Hacienda and no entry/exit from the lane from Hacienda to the end (just before San Ramon/Foothill).
Please note: for access to I-680 or Dougherty, exit express lane before Hacienda.

The eastbound express lanes begin at Hacienda. There is no entry/exit from the lanes between Hacienda and Fallon/El Charro.
Please note: for access to Santa Rita Road or El Charro, do not enter the express lanes.