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Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Technical Assistance

Alameda CTC provides planning technical assistance to local jurisdictions via publications, webinars, trainings, and conferences.

Toolkit for Improving Walkability in Alameda County

The Toolkit for Improving Walkability in Alameda County (2009) is a resource for planning professionals, policy makers, advocates, and residents. It contains information on innovative pedestrian planning practices and facility design, design standards, programs shown to encourage walking, funding opportunities for pedestrian improvement projects, and more.

The Alameda CTC welcomes comments on the Toolkit, including suggestions for new or updated resources to include in future updates of the Toolkit. Contact us with your comments.

This Toolkit was initially developed with the Countywide Pedestrian Plan in 2005/2006, and was adopted by the Alameda CTC in Fall 2006. It was then updated in an online format only in 2009.

Webinar Hosting

Alameda CTC hosts monthly one-hour APBP webinars on the third Wednesday of each month that cover a wide variety of bicycle and pedestrian topics. Alameda CTC pays the registration fee, so attendance is free and open to all. In addition, the agency hosts other relevant and useful webinars that require a fee. To see a list of the upcoming webinar topics, visit the APBP website.

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Training and Conferences

Alameda CTC occasionally holds workshops and conferences to inform local jurisdictions and other interested parties about developments in bicycle and pedestrian policy and practice. Past events include: