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Program Plan Applications

Program Plan Application Form

Measure B paratransit fund recipients are required to submit to the Alameda CTC one electronic version of two documents for the annual program application submittal. The forms are due Monday, March 3, 2014.

The Annual Program Plan Application includes the following documents:

  1. FY 14-15 Paratransit Program Plan Application Form (MS Word)
  2. FY 14-15 Paratransit Program Table Attachments including Tables A, B, C and D (MS Excel workbook) 

To save a copy of the form(s) and attachment(s) on your desktop, right click on above documents and depending on your browser, choose "Save link as" or "Save target as" to save a copy on your hard drive.  (You can also save a copy of the form and attachment after you click through to them above, but the approach varies according to your browser.)

Electronic submission: Submit both files via email by March 3, 2014 to Naomi Armenta: Hard copies are not required.

Clearly label both the Word document and the Excel workbook application forms with your agency name and date in the file name (e.g., Albany_FY13-14_Paratransit_Program_Application.doc).