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In alphabetical order:

Acumen Building Enterprise, Inc. (Planning, Policy and Administrative Support Services)

Acumen Building Enterprise provides numerous services to assist Alameda CTC in planning, funding and delivering transportation programs and projects: policy, legislation, communications and planning support, including project management, public relations and coordination of outreach events and public meetings; content development and editing for publications, reports and presentations; website content updates; and clerical and administrative support. Subconsultants include Publications Design, which provides art direction and graphic design; and Lohnes+Wright, which provides mapping services.

Contact information for the Acumen team:
Tamara Halbritter: 510.208.7475 |
Angie Ayers-Smith: 510.208.7450 |
Heather Barber: 510.208.7439 |
Carol Crossley: 510.208.7454 |
Dora Royster: 510.208.7458 |
Margaret Strubel: 510.208.7417 |

L. Luster & Associates (Contract Equity Services)

L. Luster & Associates (LLA) is an Oakland-based small, local, minority/woman-owned firm that provides the Alameda CTC with expertise in contract equity, business outreach, certification, contract compliance and technical assistance for small businesses. 

Contact information for the Contract Equity Team:
Joan Fisher Quillio: 510.208.7466 |
Brooklyn Moore-Green: 510.208.7468 |