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In alphabetical order:

Acumen Building Enterprise, Inc. (Planning, Policy and Administrative Support Services)

Since 1999, the professional consulting firm Acumen Building Enterprise has provided administrative support to ACTA/ACTIA. Currently, Acumen provides numerous services to assist Alameda CTC in planning, funding and delivering transportation programs and projects: policy, legislation, communications and planning support, including project management, public relations and coordination of outreach events and public meetings; content development and editing for publications, reports and presentations; website content updates; and clerical and administrative support. Subconsultants Finger Design Associates and Publications Design provide art direction and graphic design; HNTB Corporation provides planning support; and Lohnes+Wright provides mapping services.

Contact information for the Acumen team:
Tamara Halbritter, Senior Project Manager: 510.208.7475 |
Angie Ayers-Smith, Public Meeting Coordinator: 510.208.7450 |
Heather Barber, Communications Manager: 510.208.7439 |
Mollie Cohen-Rosenthal, Assistant Transportation Planner: 510.208.7471 |
Carol Crossley, Outreach Coordinator: 510.208.7454 |
Krystle Pasco, Outreach Coordinator: 510.208.7467 |
Margaret Strubel, Senior Administrative Assistant: 510.208.7417 |
Daniel Wu, Assistant Transportation Planner: 510.208.7453 |

Hatch Mott MacDonald (Program Management and Project Controls Services)

HMM is a full-service engineering firm supporting Alameda CTC in program management and project controls services for the delivery of transportation programs and capital projects. The HMM team is made up of several local firms that have been assembled to provide Alameda CTC with the efficiency and economy of a compact local core team offering a wide range and depth of services provided by proven, experienced professionals. HMM team tasks are generally comprised of both project-specific and program-wide activities in the implementation of various transportation programs, capital project delivery, and project controls functions.

Contact information for the Hatch Mott MacDonald team:
Richard Carney: 510.208.7479 |
Connie Fremier: 510.208.1970 |
Stefan Garcia: 510.208.7474 |
James O'Brien: 510.208.7464 |
Kanda Raj: 510.208.7465 |
Gary Sidhu: 510.208.7414 |

L. Luster & Associates (Local Business Contract Equity Services)

L. Luster & Associates (LLA) is an Oakland-based small, local, minority/woman-owned firm that provides the Alameda CTC with expertise in contract equity, business outreach, certification, contract compliance and technical assistance for small businesses. 

Contact information for the LBCE Program Team:
Joan Fisher, Business Outreach Coordinator: 510.208.7466 |
Brooklyn Moore-Green, Certification Coordinator: 510.208.7468 |

Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates (Paratransit Coordination Team)

Naomi Armenta of Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates is Alameda CTC's Paratransit Coordinator, responsible for the development and ongoing coordination of various programs funded by Alameda CTC that provide special transportation services to seniors and people with disabilities. Naomi has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and has been a paratransit consumer-dabbler for over 20 years.

Contact information for the Paratransit Education and Outreach Team: 
Naomi Armenta: 510.208.7469  |
Krystle Pasco: 510.208.7467  |