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Local Streets and Roads Programs

Measure B 2000 funds millions of dollars worth of local transportation improvements in every Alameda County jurisdiction. This is the most flexible Measure B funding category and it can be used for transportation priorities determined locally.

Every month, each Alameda County jurisdiction -- all cities, the County, and all transit-operators in the county including AC Transit, BART, and LAVTA -- receives allocated funding, which they can use to address their respective local needs. Allocations are based on a formula of population and road miles and are used broadly for local transportation needs, such as street and road improvements, transit, bicycle and pedestrian improvements beyond those projects funded with Measure B Bicycle and Pedestrian Funds; as well as for encouraging transit use to mitigate car travel.

Measure B funding will account for over $300 million in new revenues throughout the County. Local Transportation fund distributions are as follows:

  • Monthly allocations for local transportation needs are determined at the local level and go to each city and the County, including funds for Alameda County bridges: Park Street, High Street and Fruitvale Avenue. 
  • Funds are distributed based on population and road miles. 
  • Pass-through payments are allocated on a monthly basis.

The 2000 Transportation Expenditure Plan lists the Alameda CTC Programmatic Discretionary Transportation Funds for All Cities and the County. 

Capital improvements for surface streets and arterial roads

During the first Measure B (1986 - 2000) over $208 million were distributed in local streets and roads funds to all Alameda County cities and to the County overall, to maintain local thoroughfares in good condition. Currently approximately 22.34 percent of the Measure B net sales tax funds, administered by the Alameda CTC, are allocated to the local jurisdictions for streets and roads.