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Priority Development Area Investment and Growth Strategy

As part of implementing the One BayArea Grant (OBAG) Program, the Alameda CTC has developed a Priority Development Area (PDA) Investment and Growth Strategy that establishes a process for prioritizing OBAG transportation funds in a way that supports and encourages residential and commercial development in the region’s PDAs in both the near- and long-term. It includes the following elements:

  • An inventory of Alameda County’s PDAs, including current conditions, projections of housing and job growth, and existing affordable housing policies.
  • A PDA readiness criteria and classification that assesses the extent to which planning has been completed and new housing and job growth is likely to occur within a PDA in the near-term and prioritizes PDAs for transportation capital investments during the current funding cycle.
  • A PDA Strategic Plan that describes how PDA growth and development can be supported and monitored in the longer term.
  • An inventory of the Priority Conservation Areas (PCAs) within Alameda County. PCAs are open space or agricultural areas of regional significance that have broad community support and an urgent need for protection.

The Commission adopted the PDA Investment and Growth Strategy in March 2013 and approved the 2014 update in September 2014. The update in May 2015 was required by Metropolitan Transportation Commission Resolution 4035.